Friday, November 6, 2009

Why do the backs of my shoes keep breaking and stabbing my feet?

With my last few pairs of shoes, after about 6 months of owning them, it seems like there is some plastic part in the back of the shoe that keeps breaking, and then starts stabbing my foot. My mom said it was probably due to me not tying/untying them when I take them off/put them on, but with my latest pair I have been tying/untying them every time, and it's starting to break again. Any idea why this is happening? Any ideas how to prevent it?

Why do the backs of my shoes keep breaking and stabbing my feet?
payless shoes don't got no grip you will fall and bust yo hip

sorry i got that from my high school

but if they cost less than 35 bucks then it's probably low quality... not being snobby about it but it's true.




those are pretty good quality. they last a long time.

Second off: Khombu has the absolute BEST shoes, I'm wearing them now.

Third off:Either something caught in them and frictoin has proven itself, or your shoes broke.
Reply:try to buy some shoes like flip flops or slip-on shoes and you wont have any problems
Reply:Buy a new pair of shoes and not the same brand of shoes you have now.
Reply:Dont buy cheap *** shoes.
Reply:because they are terrible
Reply:try different shoes that dont have plastic?
Reply:Change your is not good
Reply:wear slippers instead?
Reply:becasuse you touch ur self at night


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