Friday, November 6, 2009

Why is the back of my heel hurting?

For the past couple of weeks I have been barely able to walk. When I put on my shoe my heel, around the part where the bone sticks out, starts to hurt. It is sharp pains every time I move my foot. I havn't banged my foot in any way but bruising is starting to come out. My ankle now feels spongey but dosn't really look swollen. Can any one tell me what this is?

Why is the back of my heel hurting?
if you bought new shoes recently, your feet just aren't used to them yet. Try getting Dr. Scholl's products for your shoes.
Reply:I have this problem too! I still havent quite figured it out, but I have concluded that in my case it has something to do with the bump on the back itself. Apparently some people get a "deformity" which cause your back heal bone to grow where it shouldnt be growing when it is stressed, put under pressure. The back of my heel sticks out weirdly, and there are periods of time like you said with intense pain! Is your heel bone bigger than normal? because then maybe the two things are probably linked
Reply:You may have something called bone spurs. If the pain is intense and short (like a stabbing pain) there are some stretches that will help the pain go away, like a calf stretch off the floor, if the pain continues, then you should buy some rubber insoles for your shoes.

If you exercise, or run a lot, this is most likey what causing your pain.
Reply:how do you know it isn't the front of your heel just feeling incredible and by comparison you only think the back of your heel is hurting?
Reply:Accumulated fluids. or maybe you hit it without noticing. Best advise is to see your doctor.


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